Exam Application for all Final Year and Repeat (3-II & 4-II) Students

All final year students are kindly request to submit the completed (confirm the subjects by marking [√] against the subjects and giving the statement that above mentioned subjects are correct with your own signature) Exam Application Form on or before 8th July 2020.

Repeat students & the final year students those who have skipped the quarantine period (with the approval of Dean) are allowed to submit their application via e-mail (to ar@as.rjt.ac.lk) on or before 9th July 2020 and repeat students should directly deposit the examination fee (Rs.25/subject) to the Account No. 6809656 of Bank of Ceylon, Mihintale Branch and send the receipt of scanned copy to email.

Please Note that the late application would not be accepted for any of the reasons.

For Further details, please contact via ar@as.rjt.ac.lk

Assistant Registrar