Laptop Loan Scheme

An Interest-Free Loan facility up to Rs. 75,000/- is offered for the University Undergraduates to purchase Laptop Computers, in accordance with the Budget Proposals – 2016. The students who wish to utilize this facility should follow the process prescribed here.

  1. Student can go to the nearest branch of the IT Service Provider (Computer Vendor) and select a Laptop computer brand/model and get a quotation for that.
    • The quotation should be obtained from the following companies recommended by the Ministry of Higher Education (Should be issued under a letterhead with signature and the official seal).
      • Abans
      • Metropolitan
      • Softlogic
      • Singer
      • E-wis
      • Singhagiri
      • JKOA
    • The following features should be mentioned in the quotation.
      • Model of the laptop
      • Processor (Minimum Core i3, 9th Generation)
      • Memory Ram (Minimum 4 GB DDR4)
      • Hard Disk (Minimum 500GB)
      • Warranty (3 years comprehensive warranty)
      • All-inclusive Selling Price
  2. Maximum Loan amount will be Rs. 75,000.00 and has to repay by 36 interest free equal installments starting from the following month after purchasing the laptop computer.
  3. The applicant student has to submit another Student as a guarantor.
  4. The students should submit the scan copies of the following correspondence to the assistant registrar of the faculty (
    • The quotation issued by the selected vender
    • A duly filled application (Please use relevant application among Bank of Ceylon and People’s Bank)
  5. Once after approval of the application the assistant registrar will send you the following documents.
    1. Approved application
    2. A letter of certifying the studentship
  6. Then, the student has to submit following correspondence to the branch of the desired bank (BOC or People’s).
    1. Approved application
    2. A letter of certifying the studentship
    3. NIC Card
    4. Student Record Book and Student ID
    5. Any other specific documents recommended by the Bank

Further Information:

  • Application procedure of the People’s Bank – Download
  • Application procedure of the Bank of Ceylon – Download
  • Application
  • Information at the Ministry of Education Website – View
  • Information at the Bank of Ceylon Website – View