Courses offered by the Department of Physical Sciences for new Semester

Following are the courses offered by the department of physical sciences under the Physics and Mathematics subject for the semester commencing June 01st 2020.

2nd Year

PHY 2101
Thermodynamics and radiation Dr. Ajith Rajapakshe
PHY 2103Electronics I
PHY 2105Quantum Mechanics Dr. Harshani Wijewardane
PHY 2207Practical Unit Dr. Uthpala Dahanayake
PHY 2208Graphical Programming for Physics Dr. Kaushalya Premachandra
PHY 2211Soil PhysicsDr. Uthpala Dahanayake
MAP 2301
AlgebraMr. M.A.M. Mohommed
MAA 2302Probability & Statistics II Mr. D.M.R.B.N. Dissanayake
MAP 2203Differential Equations II
MAA 2204Linear ProgrammingMr. D. Sandaruwan

3rd year

PHY 3203
Physical OceanographyDr. Uthpala Dahanayake
PHY 3206Soil PhysicsDr. Uthpala Dahanayake
PHY 3207Energy Resources
PHY 3209Solid State Physics Dr. Uthpala Dahanayake
Dr. Harshani Wijewardane
PHY 3212Electronics II
PHY 3214Graphical Programming for PhysicsDr. Kaushalya Premachandra
PHY 3215Practical UnitDr. Ajith Rajapakshe
MAT 3301
Advanced Linear ProgrammingMr. D. Sandaruwan
MAT 3203Regression AnalysisMr. D.M.R.B.N. Dissanayake
MAT 3208Time SeriesMs. C. D. Rupasinghe*
MAT 3213Graph Theory
MAT 3214Applied StatisticsMs. C. D. Rupasinghe*

4th Year

PHY 4308
Characterization TechniquesDr. Uthpala Dahanayake
Dr. Ajith Rajapakshe
Prof. HMAMC Herath
PHY 4209Physics of Semiconductor DevicesDr. Harshani Wijewardane
PHY 4210Advanced Quantum MechanicsDr. Harshani Wijewardane
PHY 4312Statistical ThermodynamicsDr. Kaushalya Premachandra
MAT 4301
Operational Research I Prof. W.B. Daundesekera**
MAT 4302Financial Mathematics
MAT 4305Stochastic Process
MAT 4306Optimization modellingDr. D.M. Samarathunga**
MAT 4310Computational MathematicsMr. W.A. Gunarathne