The guidelines for the final year students to follow

  • All final year students (2015/16 & 2014/15) should stay within the hostel premises during the period from 22.06.2020 to 05.07.2020. You are not allowing going out from the hostel premises. These two weeks is your study period.
  • Your remaining academic activities will be stated on 06.07.2020 to 17.07.2020. During this period you are allowing to come to the faculty but you are not allowing to go out from the faculty and hostel premises.
  • If any of students ignore the above rule, they will be sent for public quarantine and they will be automatically considered as ‘not eligible for the examination’.
  • If any student went out of the faculty in case of any emergency cases also considered as ‘not eligible for the examination’ due to the concern of health safety.
  • All students should produce their student identity card and confirmation note from Medical Officer of Health to the security at Main Gate while entering the premises and where necessary.
  • The students those who could not submit their exam application form should have it with them. It should be submitted when the faculty requested (the date will be informed later).