Online Courses – Physical Sciences

1st Year

Course CodeCourse Title
PHY 1203
Fundamentals of Electromagnetism
PHY 1104Modern Physics
PHY 1205Practical Unit
MAP 1302Differential Equation I
MAA 1203Numerical Analysis I

2nd Year

Course CodeCourse Title
PHY 2204Physical Optics
PHY 2105Quantum Mechanics
PHY 2106Atomic and Nuclear Physics
MAP 2204 Complex Calculus
MAA 2203Numerical Analysis II
MAA 2201Mathematical Methods II

3rd year

Course CodeCourse Title
PHY 3302
Mathematical Methods for Physicists
PHY 3105Physical Geology
PHY 3206Soil Physics
PHY 3211Medical physics
MAT 3302
Network Optimization
MAT 3206Data Analysis Using a Computer Software
MAT 3209Statistical Computing using software
MAT 3212Statistical Quality Control
MAT 3217Nonlinear Programing

4th Year

Course CodeCourse Title
PHY 4201
Classical Mechanics
PHY 4211Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
PHY 4203Classical Mechanics