Online Courses – Biological Sciences

1st Year

Course CodeCourse Title
BIO 1202
Statistical Methods in Biology I
BOT 1203
General Microbiology
ZOO 1203
General Entomology (LMS-RUSL / Course Network)
ZOO 1303Vertebrate Diversity

2nd Year

Course CodeCourse Title
BIO 2302
Principles of Ecology (LMS-RUSL / Course Network)
BIO 2201
Systematic Biology
BOT 2202
Economic Botany
BIO 2203
Genetics and Evolution
ZOO 2205Embryology & Developmental Biology

3rd Year

Course CodeCourse Title
BIO 3102
Ecotourism (LMS-RUSL / Course Network)
BOT 3201Plant Tissue Culture
MIB 3201Industrial Microbiology
BDC 3202Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment (LMS-RUSL / Course Network)
ZOO 3202Applied Parasitology
ZOO 3203Economic Entomology (LMS-RUSL / Course Network)
BOT 3204Flora of Sri Lanka
BDC 3204Wildlife conservation and Management
BIO 3204Bioinformatics
MIB 3205Plant Microbe Interactions
MIB 3206Analytical Techniques in Molecular Biology
MIB 3207Immunology
MIB 3208Environmental Microbiology
BIO 3205Ecotoxicology

4th Year

Course CodeCourse Title
MIB 4206Molecular Biotechnology