Mr. D.M.R.B.N. Dissanayake

Senior Lecturer


I am a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics and Statistics in the Department of Physical Sciences, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Rajarata University of SriLanka. I received my BS  in Industrial Mathematics from Rajarata University of Sri Lanka (2008) and Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Statistics from Postgraduate Institute of Science at University of Peradeniya (2012) and MS in Statistics from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (2018). 

As a university teacher, my teaching philosophy is active learning, in which both teacher and student work together to achieve one goal. My teaching goal is to facilitate learning by helping students to gain the necessary skills to enhance new knowledge. Learning is primarily the student’s responsibility, whereas teaching is my responsibility. I believe that a good teacher is not only who teaches with a passion but also who motivates students to learn, who listens to students, friendly, humble, flexible and willing to learn with the students, and most importantly someone who can tolerate and accept criticisms of the students. 

I help students to learn, rather than just transfer my knowledge and experience to them, because I am there to “teach driving a car” not just to “give a lift”. Thus, my approach to teaching reflects this philosophy and I develop and use many techniques that are designed to engage students in their own learning. 

I primarily work on developing innovative methods for teaching statistics to undergraduates, such as active learning, flipped classroom, problem-based learning and group learning. I also measure the effectiveness of above methods and assess methods in student learning process. 

In addition, in my research I focus on how the components of biological problems fit together to do computations, to do things and interpret their environment and respond appropriately to them.


M.S in Statistics – 2018 (UAF – University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA)

PG Dip in Applied Statistics – 2012 (PGIS-University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka)

B.Sc in Industrial Mathematics  – 2008 (RUSL, Sri Lanka)

Current Researches and Projects

  • Developing an early detection diagnostic toolkit for Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown atiology in the developing world:  Chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu) is the gradual loss of kidney function over long periods with symptoms appearing in the late stages of the disease & is increasingly prevalent among farmers in developing countries. Although the prevalence of CKDu has progressively become more widespread, the underlying molecular mechanisms of the disease remains largely unknown. In this project, we attempt to develop an early detection toolkit by combining proteome analysis & machine learning techniques that can serve as a rapid diagnostic tool for CKDu in Sri Lanka. The developed toolkit will investigate the temporal patterns of changes in proteomes & identify the critical threshold point of transition from a healthy to a CKDu affected proteome leading to the prediction of underlying mechanisms of CKDu.
  • Stock Exchange Data


Full Articles

  • Premachandra, K., Vandercone, R., Scott, A, Herath, N., Dissanayake, R. Loiselle, B., and Bahar S. Emergence of Lévy flights in a computationally modelled tropical forest-like environment. (In revision in an indexed journal).

  • Wijekularathna, D., Gunasekera, S. and Dissanayake, R. “A Generalized-Value Approach on Performing Inferences for the Generalized Inverted Exponential Distribution Reliability Function” (In revision in an indexed journal).

Abstracts and Conference Proceedings

2019    Danush K. Wijekularathna, Sumith Gunasekera and Ranjan Dissanayake (2019), “A Generalized-Value Approach on Performing Inferences for the Generalized Inverted Exponential Distribution Reliability Function”, Proceedings of the 7th International Research Symposium, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. 

2015    Bamunugedara H.M.P.C.H., Ekanayake E.M.U.S.B., Dissanayake R.B.N. (2015), “Impact Sample Size on Determination of Yarn Quality “, Proceedings of the 3rd International Research Symposium, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka.

2015    Kaushalya Pathirana, Dissanayake R.B.N., Kaushalya Premachandra (2015), “Emergent Pattern in Subgroup Of Computationally Modeled School Of Fish “, Proceedings of the Peradeniya University Research Sessions (iPURSE), Sri Lanka.

2015    Sandaruwan M.K.D.D., Samarathunga D.M. and Dissanayake R.B.N. (2015), “Performance Analysis of few major Algorithems for Solving Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling Problems “, Proceedings of the Peradeniya University Research Sessions (iPURSE), Sri Lanka.

2015    Jayasinghe S., Dissanayake R.B.N. (2015), “Use Of Transportation Networks To Optimize The Profit Dynamics Of The Product Distribution “, Published in conference proceedings of the ICNGCO 2015: International Conference on Network Games, Control and Optimization to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

2014    Upamali P.A.T., Yapa P.N. and Dissanayake R.B.N. (2014), “Evaluation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi as potential determinants of medicinal plant community structure in Mihintale Sanctuary, Sri Lanka “, Proceedings of the 18th International forestry symposium, University of Sri Jayawardanapura, Sri Lanka.

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2012    Evgeniya Balmashnova, Mark Bruurmijn, Ranjan Dissanayake, Remco Duits, Leo Kampmeijer, Tyco van Noorden (2012), “Image Recognition of Shape Defects in Hot Steel Rolling “, Proceedings of the 84th European Study Group Mathematics with Industry, Eindhoven.