Ms. S.M.M. Lakmali

Lecturer (Temporary)


  • Bsc. Statistics and Operations Research (2013)

  • Reading Mphil in Statistics (2018)

Current Research and Projects

Currently doing Mphil research based on the Bayesian models for method comparison.

Department of Physical Sciences,
Faculty of Applied Sciences,
Rajarata University of Sri Lanka,
Sri Lanka


Research Interests

Method comparison, Regression analysis, Probability and Statistics, Operations Research

Teaching Subjects

Regression analysis

Probability and Statistics II

Linear Programming


International Conference or Symposium

  • Lakmali,S.M.M., Jayawardhane,J., Gunarathna,A.M.T.A. & Nawarathna,L.S. (2018). Effect of Rainfall on Plant survivals in Restored and Unrestored Pine stands in Lower Hanthana, Sri Lanka, 2nd international Research Symposium.

  • Priyadarshani,M.A.D., Lakmali, S.M.M and Weliwita,J.A.(2018). Can university student’s life style affect on their Body Mass index?, Fourth International conference on Global Public Health 2018.


  • Lakmali, S.M.M., Nawarathna, L.S. (2018). Understanding and Predicting of the Major Factors Associated with Suicides in Sri Lanka. International Research Symposium on Pure and Applied Sciences, university of Kelaniya.

  • Priyadarshani,M.A.D., Weliwita,J.A., Lakmali, S.M.M. and Witharana, S.(2018).The Nexus Between the Sleeping Time Water Consumption and Body mass index. Archives of Current Research International,13(4),1-7.

  • Lakmali, S.M.M., Nawarathna, L.S. (2018). Identifying and Predicting Major Factors effects for the Suicides in Sri Lanka. Asian Journal of probability and Statistics, 2(3):1-7.