Mrs. T.C. Irugalbandara

Senior Lecturer
+94252266384 | +94718226747


  • M. Phil.
    Rajarata University of Sri Lanka (2021)

  • B.Sc (Honors) in ICT
    Rajarata University of Sri Lanka (2011)

Professional Qualifications

  • Certificate course in Teaching in Higher Education
    Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

Research Interests

  • Internet Technologies
  • E-learning
  • Mobile Learning

Teaching Subjects

  • ICT 2406 – Internet Programming
  • ICT 4201 – Fundamentals of E-Learning
  • ICT 2404 – Multimedia and Web Technology

Services and Responsibilities

  • Former Senior Treasurer of the ARICT
  • Member- Ethics Review Committee 2015, Faculty of Applied Sciences
  • Member of the soft- skills Development Committee.

Current Researches and Projects

  • Context Aware Adaptive Mobile Learning Framework for BOP People
  • Game based learning as an E-Learning strategy in programming education for school children
  • Interactive Robot-Friend to support Learning for Preschoolers using Augmented Reality Technology
  • Developing a driver safety system based on driver’s behaviors and emotion


  • Irugalbandara TC and Fernando MSD (2019). Context aware adaptive mobile learning framework for bottom of pyramid people (BOP). International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences, 6(12): 27-40
  • Irugalbandara, T.C.; Fernando, M.S.D (2015). Identifying life style factors of Bottom-of-Pyramid People to facilitate a ubiquitous learning environment: Sri Lankan experience. 8th International Conference on Ubi-Media Computing (UMEDIA), Pages: 158 – 162, DOI: 10.1109/UMEDIA.2015.7297447
  • Kasthuri Arachchi, S.P.; Zhen-Rong Chen; Irugalbandara, T.C.; Timothy K. Shih (2016). A Working Group Construction Mechanism Based on Text Mining and Collaborative Filtering. Kelaniya International Conference on Advances in Computing and Technology (KICACT)
  • Irugalbandara, T.C; Fernando, M.S.D(2017). Adapting bottom of pyramid people for a mobile learning environment: a motivational perspective.10th International Conference of Education Research and Innovation, ICERI2017 Proceedings, pp. 3235-3239