Dr. Chamika De Silva

Lecturer (Unconfirmed)



  • PhD
    Deakin University, Australia
  • BSc (Honours), Deakin University, Australia

Professional Qualifications

  • Certificate course in Teaching in Higher Education (reading)

Research Interests

  • Immunology
  • Recombinant DNA technology

Teaching Subjects

  • MIB 3203 Virology
  • MIB 3207 Immunology
  • MIB 4302 Medical Microbiology
  • MIB 4305 Techniques & Strategies in Molecular Biology
  • MIB 4206 Molecular Biotechnology


  • De Silva C, Dhanapala P, Doran T, Tang MLK & Suphioglu C (2018): Immunological comparison of native and recombinant hen’s egg yolk allergen, chicken serum albumin (Gal d 5), produced in Kluveromyces lactis, Nutrients: 10: 6: 757.
  • Khong JJ, Finch S, De Silva C, Rylander S, Craig JE, Selva D & Ebeling PR (2016): Risk Factors for Graves’ Orbitopathy; the Australian Thyroid-associated Orbitopathy Research (ATOR) Study, The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism: 101: 7: 2711-2720.
  • De Silva C, Dhanapala P, Doran T, Tang MLK & Suphioglu C (2016): Molecular and immunological analysis of hen’s egg yolk allergens with a focus on YGP42 (Gal d 6), Molecular Immunology: 71: 152-160.
  • Dhanapala P, De Silva C, Doran T & Suphioglu C (2015): Cracking the egg: an insight into egg hypersensitivity, Molecular Immunology: 66: 375-383.

Conference proceedings

  • Nimalratne SU, Fernando EY & De Silva C (2019): In-Silico Development of Multi-epitope Antigens as Candidate Sero-diagnostic Markers for Diagnosis of Leptospirosis: Rajarata International Research Conference 2019 (RIRC 2019) Conference Proceedings.
  • De Silva C and Suphioglu C (2016): Immunological analysis of natural and recombinant hen’s egg yolk allergen chicken serum albumin, Internal Medicine Journal: 46 (Suppl. 4): 5–29